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APOGEE GROUP has a vast experience in collaboration with the hardware manufacturers from all continents.

We offer full-cycle project and product management services to the OEM/ODM companies which have realized that developing a scalable, reliable and robust control/monitoring system in-house results in multi-million dollar investments and many years of development. A typical project team may include a product or project manager, business and system analysts, data scientists, developers, quality engineers and technical writers.


Project Initiation

  • General project discussions
  • Defining product specifications and requirements
  • Initial prototype quotation and deliver schedule

Research & Development

  • Design and development of prototype at R&D facility
  • Benchmark and functionality tests
  • Customer evaluation
  • Purchase order

Manufacturing & Quality Control

  • Batch manufacturing at our ISO 9001 certified factory
  • Burn-in and functional tests by our quality assurance lab

Service & Support

  • Logistic services
  • After-sales support