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Thermal Scanner

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Short Description:

  • Industrial-grade recognition accuracy + AI environment dynamic compensation tuning
  • Smart identification mask wearing + judicial direct evidence collection
  • Face recognition + high-resolution thermal imaging temperature calibration


  • Infrared temperature measurement: Temperature measurement within 100ms (@ 2m), 土 0.3℃ temperature measurement accuracy (@ environment temperature 20℃), suitable for indoor windless environment.
  • High temperature aIarm: Real-time audible and visual alarm for temperature abnormality, dual authorization of face recognition + temperature measurement, fast passage control. High temperature hazards can be directly judicial evidence.
  • Face recognition: 100ms accurate face recognition, effective intelligent compensation for face and clothing temperature.
  • Backstage management: Upload the temperature identity information in time, the temperature detection threshold can be configured in the background, support public cloud, privatization, and access to other government open platforms.